International Insurance Fund for Journalists


International Insurance Fund for Journalists (IIFJ) – is an initiative of six public organizations: Association of Independent Regional Publishers of Ukraine (AIRPU), "Suspilnist" Foundation, IMI, Detector Media, Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law and RPDI, aimed at organizing assistance to the media to be protected while creating news, reports and stories during the war.

What categories of media workers are covered by the insurance of IIFJ:

Fixers, journalists, videographers, editors, photographers of independent Ukrainian media who are sent on official business trips to war zones, liberated territories, border territories with Russia and Belarus, frontline territories and have means of protection. Priority is given to those who have completed safety training and first aid courses.

Terms and regulations of insurance:

● insurance period: from 1 to 3 days for one fixer, journalist, videographer, editor, photographer going on a business trip;● the number of insured persons within one business trip - 3 persons● insurance coverage — up to $100,000 for medical expenses in case of an injury. In case of the death of the insured, the family receives USD 100,000;● application deadline: no later than 24 hours before the business trip;

Regulations of decision-making for insurance:

To ensure the openness and transparency of the work of the project, a Coordinating Council was created from representatives of the founders of the initiative.

The decision regarding the insurance of a journalist, fixer or team is made personally, separately for each received application by voting in a closed group of the Coordination Council.

Each member of the Coordination Council votes "+" (support) or "-" (decline) for the application submitted for consideration by the coordinator within 6 (six) hours from the moment of receiving the message. In the absence of a vote during this period, the position is considered as a "+" vote.

Coordinating Council of the IIFJ:

1. from the "Suspilnist" Foundation: Taras Petriv2. from the Association "Independent Regional Publishers of Ukraine": Oksana Brovko3. from IMI: Roman Golovenko4. from "Detector Media": Svitlana Ostapa5. from Centre for Democracy and Rule 6. from RDPI: Lyudmila Pankratova
In case of a positive decision, the project coordinators contact the program participants personally.
Applications are accepted from those media that are honest, work according to professional standards and adhere to the Code of Journalistic Ethics.
A mandatory condition for obtaining insurance: in every printed, audio/video material created during a business trip where you were insured with the support of the IFJ, you must indicate that: “The material was produced with the assistance of the International Insurance Fund for Journalists. With the support of the European Center for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF), Federal Foreign Office of Germany, Voices of Ukraine as part of the Hannah-Arendt-Initiative”.

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